Vaginal Dryness: Causes and Treatments

This is one of the diseases that women particularly dread, for no other reason than that the location affected depicts the pride of womanhood. It does not only cause discomfort; it also hinders fun and pleasure. It is mostly a sickness that affects women during the menopause. It does however affect other people who have not reached this stage for certain reasons. It involves an excessive dryness of the vagina and complete seizure in the production of the biological and natural fluids that keep the vagina moist.


The main causes of the condition known as vaginal dryness are numerous. There is however one common cause amongst them all: level of estrogen produced by the body. The walls of the vagina are kept lubricated and wet by a thin layer of fluid. This fluid is kept and maintained by the hormone called estrogen, making the vagina thick, healthy, and elastic. But during menopause, there is a natural biological drop in the level of estrogen produced by the body. This reduces the level of moisture available to the vagina. The result is that the vagina becomes dry, thinner and even more elastic. This is the main cause of the body condition called vagina dryness.

However, the reduction in the level of estrogen produced by the body does not only occur during menopause; it is also witnessed in some cases like peri-menopause, after childbirth, during lactation periods, etc. In most cases, the results of cancer treatment like chemotherapy and cases of radiation to the pelvis can also reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. Many other medications used in human treatment can also result in the reduction of estrogen in the body. Antihistamines and many other asthma medications can dry some of the fluids in the body like estrogen. In some other cases, the reduction in the level of estrogen that causes vaginal dryness can be brought about by poor or low arousal during sex. This is caused either by low libido or by some other sexual problems. Some irritants present in home effects like soaps, detergents, dyes and perfumes can also cause this through contact with underwear and body parts. Again, it has been discovered that anxiety and stress can cause some level of vaginal dryness.


The main treatment for vaginal dryness is to receive estrogen therapy. There are a lot of estrogen therapies that you can use. They include topical estrogen therapy and estrogen hormone therapy. These will replace some of the hormones that the body lacks. It also reduces the symptom in the vagina. Oral estrogen therapy is the most effective. It works more than other therapies which involve inserting a ring, an applicator, or a tablet into the vagina. You can also make use of lubricants and moisturizers. These two however produce mainly short term effects which reduce discomfort when you want to have intercourse.

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