Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth For Life

Our bodies degenerate as we age and that’s normal. What isn’t is having teeth fall off. While old age does mean the gums aren’t able to hold on quite so strongly to teeth, there’s no rule that says we can’t retain our original pearly whites.

Strong teeth and healthy gums are a product of good oral care. There’s no two ways about; if you want to retain your original teeth, not have to worry about oral problems and reduce the number of trips to the dentist, you have to look after yourself.

The modern lifestyle is filled with products that aren’t exactly kind to oral health. Junk food, sugary eats, range of alcohols and tobacco products not limited to smoking are some examples. Add to that our tendency to give flossing and dental appointments a miss and we’re just waiting for a problem to crop up.

Brush and floss twice a day

Too much brushing and you risk robbing teeth of enamel. Too less and you’re giving bacteria a chance to take root. The same with flossing. Twice a day is ideal though thrice may be better if you’re prone to munching on snacks.

This step is the first to guarding the mouth against bacterial invasions. It’s also the simplest to follow so don’t skip under any circumstance.

Use fluoride toothpaste

Most toothpaste contains fluoride but make it a point to check the ingredients when buying any. Fluoride increases whiteness, helps remove stains and keeps teeth healthy. Your dentist can prescribe a fluoride wash too if required.

No tobacco

Smoking isn’t the only form of tobacco indulgence. Smokeless forms too are just as bad and both increase the risk of developing cancer, periodontitis, gingivitis and tooth decay. Halitosis – bad breath – is also a result of tobacco use as is staining.

Reduce alcohol intake

Drink in moderation if you must as too much alcohol can wear away the teeth, produce ulcers, swell the tongue and increase the danger of developing oral cancer. As with snacking, brush your teeth after a nightcap.

Cut down on sugary snacks

Sweet treats may be delicious but they aren’t all that good for the teeth. Sugar can get lodged and fuel the production of bacteria. If you must snack, brush teeth afterwards to remove any particles.

Fruits such as apples and bananas are excellent substitutes for sweet snacks. They’re good for the teeth and overall health.

Examine your mouth

You’re the best judge of whether you have a problem or not. Examine your mouth regularly for patches, spots, sores, inflammation and anything out of the ordinary. Most problems go away on their own but if yours persists, visit the dentist.

Visit the dentist regularly

Dental appointments must be kept because only a professional can tell you how good your oral health is. Those with a history of cavities and dental work as well as tobacco users need special care. The latter, in particular, tend to develop problems more often and so must undergo regular checkups.

Maintaining good oral health isn’t difficult as long as diet is healthy, bad habits are not indulged and the oral cavity is kept clean. That’s really all there is to it. And since the mouth is connected to the digestive system, taking care of it will have a direct bearing on how healthy the system is.

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