Hollywood Brains Starting To Look Like Sausage Gravy

Mmmm. Sausage Gravy.
After Sunday night, we can add actor John Cusack to my ever growing
list of celebretards, with apologies to all the mentally challenged.
Q Sack, which is how I will refer to the actor, sent a tweet to all
his 200,000 raving fans Sunday night, saying he was for a Satanic
Death Cult Center at FOX NEWS and outside the offices of Dick Armey,
Newt Gingrich and all GOP welfare freaks.

Q Sack has long been involved in Democratic politics, starting in
Chicago. He was previously a big supporter of Fat Al Gore, Sponge
John Kerry and of course, our old friend Billy J. (Hey…anybody
thought of redoing “Three Amigos” with starring roles for those

It is interesting that all these Hollywood peaceniks have such
violent rage, simmering just below the surface. Sean Penn wanted all
the Republicans to die of anal cancer and now, Q Sack wants a
Satanic Death cult. (Maybe he was just trying to one-up Penn.)

One question I always wanted to ask these celebretards is, “Do you
actually think you could make an anti-government movie, if the
Marxists were in charge?” (We all know what the answer to that is.)

The liberals have nothing left in their bag of tricks, except name
calling and violence. Anyone who opposes Obama is variously a
racist, a bigot, a homophobe, or an Islamophobe. (Take your pick, or
wear all four.) Or you are “white,” which according to the
mainstream media, is a crime. (Just read, or listen, to the coverage
of Glenn Beck’s rally.)

Sean Penn at least puts his money where his mouth is and I have to
respect that.

But Q Sack is just another liberal loudmouth, with an anger
management problem. He isn’t alone, he has brothers and sisters at
the New York Times, MSNBC, the Washington Post and everywhere in
academia, the last refuge of true scoundrels.

We needn’t worry about Q Sack, or his empty headed Satanic threats.
He’ll always have a column at the Huffington Post, where all washed
up Hollywood actors can still have their say. (For coffee with soy
milk… and a plate of lard free biscuits, with vegan sausage


I sent Q Sack’s agent a copy of my Special Report on Sizzling Sex,
because that anger problem could be a sign that Q has trouble with
the ladies…if you know what I mean. A little improvement in the
bedroom means he might not be up, tweeting threats that could get
him arrested. I suggested that maybe Q needs to read the report,
more than a few times, and start practicing.

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