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Who We Are

Soma Soapbox is a blog for the event and music promotion industries, read by promoters, venue owners, artists, and labels. This has been set-up by Fatsoma Ltd for non-promotional purposes. The initial concept of the blog was to provide informative and speculative developments for Fatsoma’s clients. However, it is also designed for all those passionate about our industries. The logic behind this is that the better informed our clients are (as with the industry as a whole), the more successful they are. Fatsoma’s future relies upon having our fingers on the pulse and the ability to decipher the implications for us all.

The views and conjectures within Soma Soapbox are wholly representative of the individual authors. As Fatsoma is the sum of its parts, the opinions expressed in Soma Soapbox also represent the beliefs of the company.

The Authors

Paul Stacey Fatsoma Director
Ben Taylor Fatsoma Director
Juliette Keyte Lead Researcher and Soma Soapbox Author
Ray Boggiano Lead Researcher and Soma Soapbox Author

About Fatsoma

Fatsoma is an online promotion platform enabling a comprehensive range of promotional services in one place, giving the promoter total control over all aspects of event promotion. From website creation to ticket sales, and viral marketing via Facebook integration to data collection and targeted newsletter campaigns, everything can be controlled from one dashboard.

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