Bachelor of arts vs. bachelor of science

Ever since I can remember the word “art” has played a very important part in my life.  From selling my pencil drawings on the side of the road at the age of 5 to being in a Pink Floyd cover band in high school and finally, securing the role I play in my current profession, “art” has been the catalyst for many positive events that have made me who I am today. But, with all the positives, there also comes a negative.  Creativity and self expression can become a debilitating blinder in the decision making process that is choosing a college major.

Now, although this is my own personal opinion, and there are a multitude of Bachelor of Arts degree programs out there to choose from, I pose a question….

Is getting a BA really just BS, or for those of you not familiar with the aforementioned abbreviation, BullShit?

By this I mean, is going in the direction of a Bachelor of Arts degree a [email protected].

For the record, if you can’t already tell, I choose a BA and I’m calling BS.

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The general basis for my opinion goes something like this, for an overwhelming majority of jobs that can be secured via a Bachelor of Arts degree, one could secure those same jobs with a Bachelor of Science degree.  However, for jobs secured via a Bachelor of Science degree, virtually none are accessible to an undergraduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree.  This means that for options of employment one can increase their qualifications and opportunities for being hired by 50% just by choosing a BS over a BA.

Furthermore, in a 2012 survey of average median annual incomes, a typical Bachelor’s of Arts degree garnered $54,369, where as a typical Bachelor of Science degree garnered $66,247.    By doing a small equation using the common requirement of 120 credit hours to earn an undergraduate degree divided into both annual incomes above we reach two numbers, $453.08 per credit hour for a BA and $552.06 per credit hour for a BS.  What this means is that by studying for a BS over a BA statically, your time spent learning is more financially valuable by $98.98 per credit hour.

Now, I’m not writing this in an effort to down play the impact the “Arts” have had on humanity and the world as we know it today.  In fact, creators of intellectual properties are some of the richest and most powerful people on Earth.  But, what I am saying is that the vast majority of BA degrees can be surmised as skills and talents.  Skills, talents, innate abilities, are all qualifications one can master outside the realm of a 4 year degree.

Put simply, why make the [email protected] of wasting 4 years of your life and absurd amount of money on something you can learn, nurture and become an authority on without going to college.  So if you are going to college, study something specialized in the sciences.  Get a Bachelor of Science and reap a good return on your investment.  You’ll not only walk away with statistically broader possibilities of securing a higher paying job, but also adding more depth, intellect and value to yourself. And remember, the beauty of a degree is that it doesn’t define you, it provides for you.  While it provides for you, you can still accomplish artistic endeavors on the side, or if you choose to work in a career involving the arts you can, knowing that you’ve always got something to fall back on.

Bachelor of Arts vs. Bachelor of Science, who wins in the ring, your thoughts???

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