Healthcare materials



As a healtcare provider, your primary daily concerns are the smooth operation of your practice and facility in order to better serve your patients.  One of our primary specialties is our ability to serve your print and information needs so that you can focus on your patients.  Our expert staff at Allegra can help you with everything from simple forms to legally compliant script pads, to informational brochures, to specialized mailings to your patients that are HIPAA compliant.  While you take care of the health of our community, let us help with the health of your practice.

Materials we provide:
Business Cards
Appointment Cards
Reminder PostCards
Lab Result Cards
Forms (Single or Multi-Part Carbonless)
Script Pads (Medicare Compliant)
Informational Brochures
Patient Information Sheets
Service Sheets
Informational Mailings (HIPAA Compliant)
Pens and Notepads
Branded promotional products
Logo Apparel & Scrubs
Lobby displays and signage
Ask us about custom products and designs too!

At Allegra Print & Imaging, our #1 Specialty for over 20 years has been our ability to successfully serve the healthcare industry.  We help you comply with all form, script, and HIPAA regulations of your printed and mailed items for you.  So, now you can focus on what matters most… your patients.

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