Health-ES Paris 2010


Dr. R. Bengoa’s career has been both national and international .

He has practiced as a doctor in Spain for 7 years in both hospital and primary care.
He is MsC in Community Medicine by London School of Hygiene and Community Medicine.
and MsC in Health Care Management.
He has worked for the World Health Organization in Copenhagen and in Geneva where he was Director for the Management of Chronic Conditions and Director for Health System Policies until 2006.
He is professor in ESADE Business School in Spain and also teacher at McGill University in Canada where he teaches Leadership in Health Care .
Presently he is Regional Minister for Health and Consumer Affairs in the Basque Country in Spain.
His main interest is integrated care and the quality and management of chronic conditions for which he organized in Bilbao, Spain an independent resource center and the first international Observatory called Kroniker.

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