Westminster Health Care – provider of high quality long & shorter term care for older people



Health Care employs over 7,500 people throughout the UK. The
enthusiasm, innovation and commitment of the staff allows the
company to achieve its high standards of quality. Westminster
Health Care recognises the responsibility to develop the potential
of its staff through a comprehensive programme of training and
support. Our aim is to employ people who regard working for
Westminster Health Care as a career.

When recruiting we look for individuals of the highest possible
potential and encourage their attainment/realisation through
a shared commitment to learning and personal development.

In all our dealings with staff we strive for fairness and
objectivity and we work to promote a feeling of ownership
through our systems and reward structures.

Individuals are encouraged to accept wider responsibility
and to feel comfortable with a range of roles. In return for
their talent and commitment we aim to provide competitive
remuneration packages which fairly reward performance.

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