PrimeNet, Inc. introduces PrimeNet

Have you ever noticed that some of your best employees are invisible
to your customers? They are so good at their jobs that the ‘right
thing’ always happens. The result is that your customers’
expectations are met and they don’t see the team working in
the background. That team is truly working in your best interest
and that of your clients. While PRM has many business units which
fit this description, we will be focusing on the PrimeNet, Inc.
organization in this issue.

PrimeNet, Inc. provides networks of physicians, hospitals, pharmacies
and other medical providers to PRM. This business relationship provides
PRM the opportunity to offer significant discounts on medical services
to its clients. Since 1991, PrimeNet, Inc. has been an advocate
for employers to obtain top quality, state of the art medical services
at a fair and affordable cost. PrimeNet, Inc. is one of those rare
organizations that are small enough to be responsive to your needs
while being large enough to negotiate significant discount with
medical providers.

PRM offers four distinct base products (each with many options
and enhancements available) from PrimeNet, Inc. that are targeted
for specific market segments. Companies which have either the $1000
deductible option on their Workers’ Compensation plan or a
self-insured Workers’ Compensation plan enjoy the benefits
of the CompNet product. CompNet provides substantial discounts on
Workers’ Comp. claims for these employers. Reception of this
product has been so great that during the first half of calendar
year 2000, there has been a 30% growth in the network size. CompNet
places employers in the enviable position of having lower rates
than the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation bureau can achieve.

Employers who have self-insured medical plans have two base products
to chose from, PrimeNet and PrimeNet Select. The right product for
them is determined by their specific goals. PRM’s expert staff
will aid the employer in selecting the appropriate network and implementing
their health-care program.

Modern concepts in health-care require not only specialization
in the practice of medicine, but also in provider network design.
PrimeNet is designed to support those employers who need to provide
the most open and unrestricted medical coverage to their employees.
This traditional approach to medical coverage can be supported while
still obtaining discounts for the employer.

PrimeNet Select is a true PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)
which is growing at a phenomenal rate. In the past year, PrimeNet
Select has doubled the number of medical services providers under
contract. PrimeNet Select is a truly modern concept in health-care
which meets the expectations of employees while assuring the employer
the opportunity for significant discounts for medical services.

Self-insured medical plans can add a modern, cost effective pharmacy
benefit through the PharmNet product which is also provided by PrimeNet,
Inc. Whether you need a stand-alone mail-order prescription drug
program, a drug card program or a complete integrated pharmacy benefits
environment, PharmNet can provide you with the options needed.

PrimeNet, Inc. brings more to the PRM product than we have already
discussed. Their efforts to exceed your expectations have driven
them to create unique opportunities for employers. PrimeNet, Inc.
has introduced the Value Added Program which provides discounts
to your employees for medical services not covered under your medical
plan. Employers have no additional cost or paperwork, just more
benefits for their employees. Through PrimeNet, Inc., PRM does not
force employers to fit into a ‘one size fits all’ box
of services, they build the services to meet your needs. Some medical
benefit companies have a bewildering assortment of options to chose
from, PRM has an understandable product line that they customize
for you.

PrimeNet, Inc. is a company with a hometown attitude that can provide
you with national service. With their claims volume approaching
$100 million per year, they have the strength to meet your needs,
the focus to achieve the high standards of PRM, and the desire to
work in your best interest.

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